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Fonte de alimentação


Dimensionais reduzidos.

Família com ampla cobertura (15W a 600W).

Montagem em trilho DIN para equipamentos até 300W.

Datasheet Fonte Alimentação S8JX


Two Mounting Methods for Simple Installation

Use Screw or DIN Rail Mounting Even with 300-W Models

In addition to front mounting and top mounting, you can mount models up to 300-W to DIN Rail for simple installation that reduces installation work.

*Only screw mounting is possible for 600-W models

*Use a steel DIN Rail for 300-W Power Supplies.


Fan-free Design for Maintenance-free Operation

The 300-W models need no fan

The thermal design and circuit design of the 300-W models were improved to achieve a fan-free structure.
This eliminates the need to replace fans every few years and greatly reduces the risk of lowering the insulation resistance due to dust drawn in by the fan.

*The 600-W models have fans.



Contributes to Thinner Panels

The Shortest Body Class in the Industry

The S8JX Power Supplies have a shorter body than OMRON's S82J Power Supplies. This allows them to fit into tighter spots to contribute to smaller, thinner control panels and devices in this age where functionality and mounting density continue to increase.

*For 50-W model with front mounting.


More Output Voltage Specifications for an Expanded Lineup

Voltage Specifications from 5 V to 48 V





More Applications

Application is now possible with 48-V equipment.

You can handle more applications smoothly, including motor drive and power supply systems.